Online Classes

Welcome Home Series

Cost: Included with our puppies**

Length: 3 weeks

Our Welcome Home series will help families prepare for bringing puppy home. These three classes will be scheduled to coincide with the go home date of your puppy. The first class will be 2 weeks before your puppy goes home and classes 2 and 3 will coincide with your puppy’s going home date to provide support those first couple of weeks you welcome your puppy into your home.

Topics we will cover are:

  • Puppy proofing your home
  • Checklist of what you will need
  • What to expect when your puppy first comes home
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Solutions to common puppy problems
  • Socialization tips and ideas
  • Q/A at the end of each session
  • and more!

**This class is also offered through Precious K9’s for families who purchased a puppy from another breeder or adopted a puppy from a rescue. E-mail to set up a class with Jill!

Puppy Jump Start

Offered exclusively to Light Hill puppies. If you are interested in an online puppy class check out 4 legged Toddlers through Precious K9s .

Cost: $100

Length: 4 weeks

In this class we will bridge the gap between bringing your puppy home and starting in-person classes. Often it is challenging to get into puppy classes right away because of immunizations and availability. We want to help families get the most out of those important first few weeks.

Topics we will cover:

  • Beginning puppy manners- sit, down, come, walking on leash, etc.
  • Continued support for potty and crate training
  • Developmental stages your puppy will go through the first few weeks
  • Activities to do with your puppy that will build a love for learning
  • How to get the whole family involved in training
  • Online classes are held via Zoom and recorded for families to view up to 2 weeks after the class was held.