About Us

Light Hill Goldens is a family centered business.  The whole family shares a part in it.  Our focus and goals are to raise healthy, quality Golden Retrievers that are versatile as family pets, hunting, competition, service,  and therapy dogs. Currently we have four Goldens Sadie, Elsie, Lily, Mack, and Levi who are part of our family. 

Elsie has earned her CGC, Novice Trick Title, and therapy certification through Pet Therapy of the Ozarks (PTO).  She dove hunts, shows in junior conformation, and goes on therapy visits to a local assisted living facility.  Our goals for her are to show with our children in UKC Junior Conformation, and test for next AKC trick title soon.

Sadie has earned her CGC, CGCA and passed her therapy dog certification through Pet Therapy of the Ozarks.  We are continually training and challenging ourselves. She competes in Rally with Ethan our oldest son as a Junior and is working toward her Novice A and B Titles.  

Lily was an Elsie/Cruise puppy we kept from our June 2018 litter.  She has earned her CGC, Novice Trick Title and passed her pet therapy certification.  She competes in Rally and UKC Junior Conformation with Colten, our youngest son.  We plan to earn her CGCA and more trick titles in the near future.

Levi is quite the lovable guy.  We love his easy going personality.  He is retired and now lives with us just as part of the family. He earned his UKC Championship  in conformation.  He earned his CGC at 8 months old, has his Novice Trick title and passed his therapy certification in August 2019.  He also complete the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional Program with Jill.  Our goals for him are to earn more of his trick titles, continue with his Pet therapy work, and show with our children in UKC Junior Conformation.

Mack, from Little Horse Acres, joined our family in February of 2020.  His previous family needed to rehome him and after discussing it we decided he would be a good fit for our program.  Since he has come into our home he has become one of the family and we cannot imagine life without him.  He loves to retrieve and has a personality full of fun.  He has earned his Novice and will soon earn his Intermediate Trick titles once the paperwork has been submitted. We are starting scent work and rally classes. I also have agility on our list to try. He has drive and loves to work!   His love for training has made him so fun to work with! He scored excellent scores on all his health testing and sired his first litter of puppies Spring of 2021.  We are loving the smart, balanced temperaments of these puppies so far.

Sage is our newest edition.  We kept her from our Elsie/Mack 2021.  This was a special litter because it was Elsie’s retirement litter and Mack’s first.  She is such a sweetheart and has a love for learning just like her father.   She is so confident and loves training sessions.  We see both her mother and father in her and cannot wait to see what all she accomplishes!